Communication Technology Tools

Current & Emerging Technology for Individuals with Autism: Building Communication & Education Skills
This a great webinar presented by Dr. Howard C. Shane, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School & Dir. of the Autism Language Program, Boston Children’s Hospital; and Christian Karter, M.A., Educational Technology Specialist at Monarch Center for Autism.  It’s about an hour long, but extremely infomative.  Click to slide 10 if you want to jump right in. Everything before that is just introduction and welcomes.

Becky Palmer-Scott has posted an article on titled “New Communication Tools for Students with Special Needs.”  What I found most interesting about the article is that none of the items listed were specifically designed for students with special needs.  AT is everywhere!!

ICT – Information Communication Technology
UNESCO – United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization has Microsoft Word Document that is an Analytical Survey on ICT in Special Education.  It’s 32 pages long, but everything after page 16 is reference and bibliography.  Check it out here.