Components of the Writing Process

This table represents day one – my first look into Technology Tools for students with disabilities.  I plan to update as I learn more, expand it to include links to emerging (and emerged) technologies.

Components Tools Used Tools Needed
Prewriting – Generation of ideas, forming them into an organized thought.  The planning phase. Mindview – AR
Drafting – Taking what is in the mind and putting it into a physical form.  Whether using pen and paper or keyboard or other digital medium.  The tangible form of the thought process. Microsoft Word – AR
Google Scribe – AR
Reviewing – The evaluation process of what has been written. Read & Write – EL

FM Systems – AR

Editing – The process of revising what has been written. OSX Text to Speech – AR

Google Scribe – AR

Microsoft Word – AR

Sharing – The process of allowing others to see what has been written.  Also known as publishing. Microsoft Word – AR

Blogging – AR

LiveScribe Pulse Pen – AR

As indicated, the majority of my focus is for At Risk (AR) learners.  This may change over the course of time, but for now, having limited exposure or access to technology tools and services can be as limiting as not having the motor nor cognitive ability to use said tools.


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