Early Communication and Emergent Literacy

Although this issue covers a variety of issues, at the onset it is important to identify a clear understanding of this topic.  The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired has a very detailed website explaining their services and offerings.  It’s good information, but it is essentially an informational packet about their facility.  However, the first page is a very detailed overview of this very topic.  You can check it out here.

Rachel Maslikowski has created a Prezi to provide information on this topic based upon a transcript of the “Stages of Reading Development by Cooper and Kliger.  It’s extremely informative and well organized.

This is an amazing resource.  I had the opportunity to review a few chapters and was astonished at the level of  detail provided by this resource.  Be forewarned, it’s quite pricey, but this isn’t casual reading.  This is an investment and, in my humble opinion, a must have resource for any Special Education Department.  Amazon describes this resource as follows; “This popular resource distinguishes itself by placing literacy assessment within the context of mainstream classroom reading instruction. Using developmental reading stages as a framework, LITERACY ASSESSMENT puts teachers’ instructional needs at its core and considers assessment as a natural part of the instructional cycle. The authors’ mission is to show that, with appropriate instruction, success in literacy development is achievable for every student. By presenting the right balance of concept and demonstration, along with a dynamic, positive outlook on learning in both children and teachers, this book equips teachers to help children reach their potential.”