Learning Tools and Strategies: Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy has been around since the 1950’s as a tool for categorizing and ordering thinking skills and objectives.  In the early 2000’s, a former student published Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, incorporating digital aspects more applicable to technology methods in operation today (yesterday).  Although the revision is approximately 16 years old, it is still a viable tool today for evaluating curriculum in a 21st century classroom.  Click here.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Still relevant or completely outdated?
You be the judge.  The writer, Kimberly Harden, makes a good point.  To be fair though, in the digital age, no one is asking their students to rewrite something over and over again as a means for memorization.  What do you think?

The typical Blooms Digital Taxonomy chart is a triangle showing separation of all of the facets of Digital learning.  Kathy Schrock, an educator since 1972 has offered a new chart the shows the interworking of each facet.  Additionally, she has created a relational chart to show how Blooms relates to SAMR.  Her website is titled Schrocks Guide to Everything and it can be found at www.schrockguide.net.  The section regarding Blooms and SAMR is quite informative.

Allan Carrington has taken the original Bloom’s Triangle and combined it with work from Kathy Schrock to create the pedagogy wheel.  Today’s answer to true curriculum design through a digital lens.  His article is called “The Pedagogy Wheel … It’s a Bloomin’ better way to teach.” Click each picture for a larger view.