Low Incidence Tools and Funding Resources

What is Low Incidence?  I have heard the term for years and never gave much thought into what it covered.  Take a look at this slideshow from Slideshare for some detailed information.

Low Incidence Tools and the funding of such tools are governed and supplied through Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPA).  SELPA was developed as a result of a mandate, supplied by the California Department of Education in 1977, to provide all special education service needs for children residing within defined region boundaries.  The California Department of Education has a section specific to the development, breakdown and purpose of SELPA.

Leah Gulbransen has a YouTube video about unique teaching strategies for students with disabilities.  She’s not very exciting, but her methods touch on UDL as well as tasks we have discussed in class for increasing memorization and recall.  It’s pretty interesting. Check it out here.  (Be forewarned she is very monotone.)