Math Technology Tools

Math is one of those things that has always came naturally to me.  Something about numbers just makes sense.  With math, all biases are removed.  There is no dialect, no pronunciation, no cultural connection.  There is only numbers.  But, as the saying goes, just because you can do, doesn’t mean you can teach.  It’s very difficult for me to assist my children with basic math concepts because I assume that there is a baseline of understanding that may or may not rooted within their knowledge.  Thankfully, there are Math AT tools designed to level out the playing field.

The Understood Team has put together a comprehensive list of types of Math AT Tools.
Math Tools

Additionally, they have listed the types of learning and attention issues that can cause problems with learning math.

The Georgia Project for Assistive Technology has an excellent chart that details specific Math AT tools broken down by areas of focus: Manipulatives, Visual Manipulatives, Chart & Study Guides, Calculators, Process Aides, etc.