Reading Compensation

Being a father of four school aged children at home, and one away at college, I am on a constant search for reading materials and content to get and keep my kids encouraged about reading.  Sometimes, this is easy because the content is something that they are interested in.  Most times however, I find myself searching and looking for alternative methods of reading mediums, just to make sure they make good use of the time in front of the pages.

Researching AT tools specifically engineered for Reading has opened my eyes to the plethora of technologies currently available.

Five Tech Tools
This site has identified five tools that can be used as officials AT tools, however they are generally available to any reader that needs them.

Optical Character Recognition
While looking up an official definition for OCR, I typed OCR into the search bar of my Firefox browser.  The webpage that followed was  This site allows you to upload any picture or scanned image of text and have it translated to text or a readable pdf.  The website will let you output one page of text at a time and up to five pages per hour.  The downloaded version allows complete document conversion and it’s free.

iPad – Meet Joseph
Although not a low cost option, the iPad is a viable AT tool for reading.  This video introduces Joseph, an 11th grade student who has dyslexia/dysgraphia. The tools he uses are ReadtoGo and Learning Ally.  Fascinating Video.